Mission, Vision & Values


The REIKAN GROUP acts as an umbrella organization for the existing members of the REIKAN FAMILY. We are innovative and established companies in the environmental services and recycling industry in Germany.

It is important for us to have a lasting influence on the recycling industry. That is why we invest in companies and try to diversify and develop our offer in the field of recovery and recycling with other partners and projects in the long term.

We offer:

  • diverse services in the recycling industry from a single source

  • professional advice and concepts from experts

Our “Family Members”

REIKAN Mineralik GmbH (formerly Aveba GmbH, Avesa GmbH and ETU GmbH) acts as a competent service provider for construction companies, property developers and industrial companies in the fields of soil and construction material treatment as well as mineralics, mineral waste disposal and mineral secondary raw materials. From project planning to logistics and recycling of waste materials, all services for construction and demolition projects are covered. With a central sales and project management structure, we implement your projects throughout Germany, incorporating our sites in Saxony and Brandenburg.

Große Seite 67, 02748 Bernstadt a. d. Eigen

Products & Services:

  • Waste treatment and advice
  • Construction machinery rental
  • Soil treatment plant
  • Soil washing plant
  • FLEXBlock (RC concrete block)
  • Microbiological treatment plant
  • Mineral mixtures
  • Mineral secondary raw materials
  • Material flow management
  • Temporary storage for over 300 types of waste


PreZero PYRAL GMBH is a joint venture between PreZero GmbH and REIKAN GMBH. The company specializes in recycling and recovery of metals with the focus on aluminium. The two plants in Freiberg use a patented and unique aluminum pyrolysis process (thermal treatment) as well as in-house developed processing technologies for environmentally friendly aluminum recycling. We also work closely with research Instutions, for example with Technical University Dresden and the TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

Freiberg: Carl-Schiffner-Strasse 37, 09599 Freiberg

Products & Services:

  • Metal processing
  • Pyrolysis
  • Aluminum smelter
  • Processing and separation of metals based on density and/or alloy.


The REIKAN Material Management GmbH is the “one-shop” provider for waste producers in ensuring an environmentally-friendly solution for their waste, regardless of quantity or type. Whether large projects or continuous waste streams, our REIKAN Material Management-Team ensures a cost-effective waste-management.

Bothmer Straße 4, 81667 München

Produkts & Services:

  • Waste-Management consulting
  • Optimized material flow management
  • Transport logistics
  • Project development as part of contaminated site remediation
  • Secondary raw materials


REIKAN Plastik GmbH (formerly Aveba GmbH) is a plastics recycler that specialises specifically in the recycling of agricultural films and can return almost 100% of these to the agricultural cycle. The treatment and environmentally friendly disposal of other plastics, such as silage films, rigid plastics and packaging films are also possible in our modern plant.

Beeskow: Friedländer Berg 1, 15848 Beeskow

Products & Services:

  • Acceptance and storage of thermoplastic waste in the form of agricultural films, packaging films and hollow bodies.
  • Treatment of the waste material in the film washing plant
  • Utilisation and trade in recycling products from the treatment of the plastic waste
  • Disposal of the treatment residues
  • On-site advice on waste management / transport


REIKAN REAL ESTATE acquires and develops buildings and industrial sites for long-term leasing.

Gottfried-Keller-Str. 16, 01157 Dresden

Products & Services:

  • Acquisition and utilization of real estate
  • Leasing of commercial sites
  • Rental of residential space

Sorbus GMBH is a strategic partner for the development of brownfield sites and the remediation of contaminated areas in order to convert them into sustainable real estate.

Frankfurter Chaussee, 15370 Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf

Products & Services:

  • Remediation of contaminated sites
  • Reclamation of Brownfields


Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission

Climate protection through circular economy
We believe in the sustainable benefits of the circular economy. Therefore, we see “waste” from industry such minerals, metals and plastic as secondary raw materials that can fed back into the economy and production process. This is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.

Our vision

Waste as the new source for resources
Waste has a too negative connotation in our modern society. We at REIKAN believe the perception and process in which we deal with our wastes much change. We must utilize the maximum potential from what is already there, regardless of it’s classification – that is what we work for.

Our values

The following values ​​are important within our companies and our code of conduct:

  • Honesty

  • Goal orientation

  • Empathy & respect through open dialogue

  • Discipline & precision

  • Open-mindedness and education


  • Kinderhaus Flohkiste/Rodewisch
  • 1. FC Rodewisch
  • Schachmiezen Rodewisch
  • SV Eintracht Auerbach
  • Feuerwehrförderverein Rodewisch
  • Kinder- Jugendhilfswerk Rodewisch
  • Heimatverein Rützengrün
  • Pferdesportverein Sorga
  • TSG Rodewisch
  • Kinderland Bummi
  • Waldpark Grünheide
  • Oberlausitzer Handballclub (OHC) Bernstadt
  • FSV Kemnitz
  • Hundesportverein Reichenbach
  • Kinderstiftung Zittau
  • Geflügelverein Altbernsdorf
  • Kirchgemeinde Bernstadt
  • Reit- und Fahrverein Kemnitz
  • FFW Altbernsdorf
  • Christliches Hospiz Malteser
  • SV Fortuna Langenau
  • Tierschutzverein Tierheim Bischdorf


Together we can accomplish more! The REIKAN GROUP and our members belong to the following associations: