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The recycling economy and the recovery of secondary raw materials are playing an increasingly important role in everyday life, business and industry. The REIKAN GROUP is not only concerned with waste disposal, but rather with the processing and return of secondary raw materials to the circular economy. We are experts in the various areas of material flow management and support our partners with our many years of experience and technologies.

Mineralische Abfälle

Mineral Wastes

We process all mineral wastes in accordance with the Circular Economy Act (§7 (2) KrWG). […]

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Baustoffe und RC-Produkte

Secondary raw materials / Aggregates

Valuable materials that arise during construction and demolition work are processed by us in a professional and environmentally […]

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Kunststoff Recycling

Plastic Recycling

The demand for plastic recyclates and regranulates is growing. Not putting an emphasis on such an import […]

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Thermische Verwertung

Thermal treatment of waste / Pyrolysis

Thermal recycling is a special process for separating organic contamination from inorganic substances […]

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Real Estate

Our motto “maximizing potential” also applies to real estate and land. We want to make sure we can bring the most productive […]

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Beratung & Konzeption


The concerns of the recycling industry are closely linked to political, demographic, legal and societal developments. […]

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